Salaried Seasonal Park Personnel Needed at Rose Lake and Crittenden Parks
The Osceola County Parks Commission is seeking paid seasonal park personnel at both Rose Lake and Crittenden Park for the 2019 season.  Jobs require employment from April through October.  The positions are salaried and include a campsite with water and electric.  Jobs require summer residence at the park in your own recreational vehicle.  A secure background check, physical and park application are required for employment at our park locations.

Please fill out an application and submit to or

Volunteer Work Campers Needed at Rose Lake and Crittenden Parks
Volunteer work campers are needed at both Rose Lake and Crittenden Parks.  Volunteer work campers receive a campsite with water and electric for working at the park.  Volunteers can work 25 hours in exchange for one week of camping throughout the season.   A secure background check and park application are required to volunteer for employment.

Please fill out an application and submit to or

Camping Reservation Process

As of January 1, 2018 camping reservations will no longer be taken by phone.  Reservations must be made by using the Camping Reservation Form.  The form is online and can be submitted electronically or printed and sent by mail.  Please see the Camping Registration Form for more information. 

Camping Reservation Policy Changes
At their July 20, 2017 meeting the Osceola County Parks Commission passed two motions effecting the reservation policy at the county parks.  These policies are effective immediately.

Osceola County Parks Group Camping Procedure
The Osceola County Parks has an established Group Camping procedure

1.)  A group camping form will be filled out when requesting more than 2 additional sites in one person’s name at either park.  2.)  Secure this group camping with a deposit that can be refunded of $30.00 after sites are vacated. 
3.)  Group camping requires a minimum stay of 2 nights per site.
4.)  Holiday weekends and lakefront property requires a minimum 3 night stay.
5.)  Two sites can be reserved for group camping per person calling in.  All others in the party will either have to call in to reserve their site or fill out a form with the other party’s information prior to confirmation of the reservation.  These forms can be found under the parks home page. 
6.)  We will hold the sites for two weeks for others to call in or the form to be received.  Monies will have to be paid up front with the reservation.
7.)  If information is not received within two weeks, the sites will be released for others to rent.  If the form is received with incorrect information, a phone call will be placed to the individual filling out the form for updated information, otherwise the sites can be released for others to rent.

Pet Cleanup Deposit
The Osceola County Parks has put into place a pet cleanup deposit of $25.00 for individuals that do not clean up after their pets.  The deposit will be required for individuals who camp and neglect to clean up or take care of pets properly.  The $25.00 deposit can be refunded if you properly care for your pet while camping.

Park Survey / Comments
If you would like to complete our survey or provide comments you can do so with our Survey / Comment form.