Community & Economic Development

Community & Economic Development
Dan Massy, Community Development Coordinator
301 W. Upton
Reed City, MI 49677
(231) 832-7397


  • In addition to their traditional funding programs the Small Business Administration has implemented several new temporary programs to address the COVID-19 outbreak. 

  • On Monday, April 27th a Review Committee met in order to make awards to Osceola County businesses as part of the Small Business Relief Grant Program.  Unfortunately, the available funding was not sufficient to award grants to all of the deserving businesses.  Grants were awarded to the following five businesses:

         -  Details (Evart)
      P.T. Trucking (Sears)
         -  RanDees (Tustin)
         -  Sunny's Bar & Grill (Reed City)
         -  Unit Assistant (Evart)

The Community & Economic Development office is responsible for both community and economic development programs. 

Community Development Activities

  • Develop and maintain a County Profile.  Upon request, provide detailed data.
  • Develop and maintain the County website.
  • Serve as the Recording Secretary for the Osceola County Planning Commission.  Schedule meetings, research topics, develop agendas, draft minutes, draft correspondence, and maintain Osceola County's Future Land Use Plan. 
  • Serve as the Coordinator for the Osceola County Solid Waste Committee.
  • Serve as the facilitator for Osceola County's broadband expansion initiative.  Work with Connect Michigan, Internet Service Providers (ISPs), and others to increase broadband availability, access, and use throughout the County.
  • Serve as the Coordinator for the Osceola County Land Bank AuthoritySchedule meetings, develop agendas, draft minutes, draft correspondence, and work projects. 
  • Write grants on behalf of Osceola County and local units of government within the County.
  • Serve as the Local Administrator for the Osceola County Home Repair Program.  Work with the Third Party Administrator to schedule meetings, develop agendas, draft minutes, draft correspondence, and perform grant management functions.
  • Serve as a representative to the West Michigan Regional Planning Commission (WMRPC), the WMRPC's Comprehensive Economic Development Committee, and the Michigan Works West Central, Work Force Development Board.
  • Maintain, in conjunction with the Parks Department, the County's Five-Year Recreation Plan.
  • Work special projects.
Economic Development Activities