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Osceola County is located in the west central portion of Michigan's lower peninsula.  The land is predominately agricultural and open space.  Although located in a rural setting Osceola County is within approximately an hour of several of Michigan's larger communities, such as Grand Rapids, Traverse City, and Mt. Pleasant. 
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Osceola County has 22 local units of government.  Listed below is each local unit of government and its population from the 2012-2016 American Community Survey.
 Cities (2)  Villages (4)   Townships (16) 
 City of Evart - 1,687  Hersey - 320  Burdell - 1,244
 City of Reed City - 2,715  LeRoy - 352  Cedar - 452
   Marion - 742  Evart - 1,454
   Tustin - 237  Hartwick - 605
                            Evart City Offices & Depot  Hersey - 1,751
 Highland - 1,278
 LeRoy - 1,293
 Lincoln - 1,568
 Marion - 1,491
 Middle Branch - 861
 Orient - 870
 Osceola - 1,208
 Richmond - 1,536
     Rose Lake - 1,217
     Sherman - 1,047
     Sylvan - 895


Mode Service Comments
Road Network
US-131 (north-south)
US-10 (east-west)
M-115 (northeast-southeast)
M-66 (north-south)
four lane divided interstate; intersects I-94, I-96, and I-196
intersects US-131, US-127, and I-75
intersects US-127 and US-131
intersects I-94 and I-96
Evart Municipal Airport
City of Evart
located in industrial park
business and industrial users
3,800' runway
Indian Trails

regional bus line


Mecosta Osceola Transportation Authority (MOTA)

local bus service
Rail Great Lakes Central Railroad
Village of Marion
spur can be run into industrial park 


Colleges & Universities
There are several community colleges and universities within a 50 mile radius of either one or both of Osceola County's two cities.
College/University  Distance (miles)
Ferris State University    
from Reed City
from Evart

13,250 (Fall 2018)
Central Michigan University
from Reed City
from Evart

23,335 (Fall 2017)
West Shore Community College 
from Reed City

1,190 (Winter 2016)
Baker College
from Reed City  
from Evart

Mid Michigan Community College
from Reed City
from Evart

4,956 (Fall 2017)


Health Care
Unlike many rural communities Osceola County residents and surrounding communities are fortunate to have access to local, advanced health care.  Spectrum Health Reed City Hospital  provides clinics, impatient care, rehab and nursing, and 24-hour emergency services.  In addition to these services the Reed City Hospital is connected to the entire Spectrum Health system.  Spectrum Health also has clinics in Evart and Tustin.

The Susan P. Wheatlake Regional Cancer Center is also located in Reed City.  This regional cancer center is located just up the street from the Spectrum Health Reed City Hospital.


Electricity Consumers Energy, Great Lakes Energy
Natural Gas DTE Energy
Water/Sewer Municipal services in Evart, Marion, and Reed City.  Well and septic in all other areas.
Cable TV Spectrum, Summit Digital


(maximum download speed / maximum upload speed)
Both the City of Reed City and Village of Hersey are Gigibit Communities!

Individuals and businesses can check the availability of broadband at any specific address by using Connected Nation Michigan's my ConnectView Interactive Map.
source:  Connect Michigan; September 27, 2017


7&4 WPBN NBC affiliate broadcasting from Traverse City.
9&10 News (WWTV) CBS affiliate broadcasting from Cadillac.
Cadillac News Daily paper covering Cadillac and surrounding communities (Osceola County).
FOX 32 FOX affiliate broadcasting from Cadillac.
Marion Press Weekly newspaper with a coverage area that includes the Village of Marion and the City of Evart.
Pioneer Daily paper covering Big Rapids and surrounding communities (Osceola County).  An Osceola County specific edition is published once a week. 
Weekly Voice A free weekly newspaper serving Evart, Reed City, Hersey, Sears, and Chase (Lake County). 
WZZM ABC affiliate broadcasting from Grand Rapids.


Economy-Wide Key Statistics [1,2] (Source: Data extracted from the 2012 Economic Census of the United States; view complete Economic Census data at American Fact Finder, Table EC1200A1.)  
2012 NAICS Code (a) Meaning of 2012
Meaning of Type of Operation or Tax
Status Code
Number of Establishments Number of Employees 1st Quarter Payroll  ($1,000) Annual Payroll ($1,000)  Number of Nonemployer Establishments
22 Utilities Total 4 48 928 4,005 (d)
31-33 Manufacturing Total 41 1,898  (d) 92,500 101
42 Wholesale trade Merchant wholesalers, except manufacturers' sales branches and offices 13 116 1,440 5,215 (d)
44-45 Retail trade Total 73 601 3,431  15,360 161
Transportation and
Total 16 (b) (e) (e) 80
51 Information Total 4 (b) (e) (e) 7
52 Finance and insurance Total 21 (c) (e) (e) 23
53 Real estate and rental and leasing Total 9 9 60  352 84
54 Professional, scientific, and technical services All establishments 25 88  663 2,687 97
54 Professional, scientific, and technical services Establishments subject to federal income tax 25 88 663 2,687 (e)
56 Administrative and support and waste management and remediation services Total 10 168  285 1,578 133
62 Health care and social assistance  All establishments 50 1,106  8,585 34,477    91
62 Health care and social assistance  Establishments subject to federal income tax 40 359 2,730 10,648 (d)
62 Health care and social assistance  Establishments exempt from federal income tax 10 747 5,855 23,829 (d)
71 Arts, entertainment, and recreation All establishments 5 8 59 301 33
71 Arts, entertainment, and recreation Establishments subject to federal income tax 5 8 59 301 (d)
72 Accommodation and food services Total 39  543 1,524 8,007 17
81 Other services (except public administration) All establishments 30  109 580 2,764 214
81 Other services (except public administration) Establishments subject to federal income tax 24 93 524 2,532 (d)
81 Other services (except public administration) Establishments exempt from federal income tax 6 16 56 232 (d)
   [1] Trade associations and chambers of commerce rely on information from the Economic Census for economic development and business decisions.  Government agencies, analysts, and business organizations also rely on census information for planning and key economic reports.  Information provided by the Economic Census can also help you support decisions and planning for your own business.
   [2] The Economic Census is published every 5 years. 
County Business Patterns data published by the Census Bureau are used to benchmark public and private sector business statistical series, surveys, and databases between economic census years.   
   (a) NAICS: North American Industrial Classification Standard     
   (b) 20 to 99 employees
   (c) 100 to 249 employees

   (d) Not available or not comparable
   (e) Withheld to avoid disclosing data for individual companies; data are included in higher level totals. 


Osceola County's 12 Largest Employers
Employer Approximate # Employees  Industry 
Ventra 1,000 Manufacturing (Tier II automotive)
Spectrum Health 460 Health Care
General Mills 400 Manufacturing (food processing)
Osceola County 170 (105 full-time) Government (county)
Reed City Public Schools 130 Education (K-12)
Evart Public Schools 110 Education (K-12)
Pine River Public Schools 110 Education (K-12)
Kraftube 110 Manufacturing (metal tubular parts)
Nartron 100 Manufacturing (electronic sensors, generators)
Cargill 90 Mining (salt)
Reed City Group 90 Manufacturing (plastic injection molding, tooling, automation)
Tubelite 75 Manufacturing (aluminum doors, storefronts)


Industrial Parks    
Evart Air-Industrial Park  47 acres  Michigan Certified Business Park  
3,800' runway 
Marion Industrial Park  13 acres  Rail spur can be run into industrial park


Geography (Source: 2010 U.S. Census, Summary File 1) Burdell Township_Diamond Township
  Osceola County  Michigan 
Total Area in square miles 573.10 96,713.51
Total Land Area in square miles  566.39  (98.8%) 56,538.90  (58.5%)
Total Water Area in square miles 6.71      (1.17%) 40,174.61  (41.5%)
Population Density per square mile of land 41.5 174.8
Housing Density per square mile of land 24.1  80.2


Economic Development Partners
In addition to the Osceola County Community Development Office there are other organizations, several with paid staff and several with volunteers, that are available to assist businesses in Osceola County.  

Downtown Development Authority (DDA); (231) 734-0185
Local Development Finance Authority; (231) 734-6119   

Chamber of Commerce; (231) 743-2461

Reed City
Chamber of Commerce; (231) 832-5431