Manufacturers Directory

The Osceola County Manufacturers Directory contains information on manufacturing companies in Osceola County, Michigan.  The Directory is divided into two sections:

Detailed Listing 
This is the most comprehensive section.  Information in this section includes the company name, address, phone number, product manufactured, contact info, employment range, and in several instances a company bio and photo.  If applicable the parent company, union, and web address is included.

Community Listing
This section simply lists manufacturers by community.  It is useful for individuals simply wanting to know what manufacturers are in a community.

Effort is made to maintain accuracy of the Osceola County Manufacturers Directory; however, inaccuracies may exist or data may become dated.  If you have updates or questions concerning the directory please contact Dan Massy, Community Development Coordinator, at (231) 832-7397.

PDF Version
The print version of of the directory is very similar to the Detailed Directory.  All photos have been removed and the directory has been formatted into a handbook format.