Broadband... We Have It!
Osceola County is a "Connected Community".  Over 98% of the census blocks in Osceola County have access to broadband!

Gigabit Communities
The City of Reed City and Village of Hersey are now Gigabit Communities!  The 10 Gig fiber network that runs through these two communities can be viewed from Casair's Fiber Network Map which is on their website.  

Broadband Providers
A list of companies providing wireless, cable, and fiber broadband service in Osceola County can be found in Osceola County's Community Profile under Utilities.

Connect Michigan's My ConnectView
Using Connect Michigan's my ConnectView Interactive Map individuals and businesses can check the availability of broadband at any address in Osceola County.  After entering a full or partial address you will be provided a list of broadband providers potentially serving that address or area. 
More Information
For more information please contact Dan Massy, Osceola County Community Development Coordinator, at (231) 832-7397.